Friday, 22 August 2014

The challenge of love and share!

My well wishers and Well!!...wishers, I am thankful to each one of you to be there; some as my benefactor, some as protagonists, critics and some for just being there. I owe you too much. I have learnt quite a few lessons which have helped me become bold,optimistic,fearless and self assured!

Last morning I was nominated for the ALS Ice bucket challenge (I am sure almost all of us by now know what this is). So when I got to know about this cause and the act which has gone viral I was wholehearted to perform it and I did! I asked my domestic helper; who I call my baby sister if she would help me capturing the video. Unaware of this entire ALS disease and its awareness drive she just asked me about her role in this process. I said, "Take my phone, when I show a thumps up you press the recorder button and when I am done pouring ice water from the bucket you stop!" I saw the thrill  in her eyes which gave me confidence to eventually do it!
After the shoot when the two of us actually watched the video we burst out of laughter because its funny to watch your own self doing stunts like these and moreover the cracking laugh that was recorded in it(it was hers). An eventful morning indeed!

As the rule said, I posted the video on one of my social accounts. Initially I was a bit hesitant because I somewhere knew that this ain't a normal thing to the outside world but I hardly cared and told to myself that I am born to take up challenges and immediately uploaded it with extra energy. There was a feeling of anxiety rushing through my blood as I had never done this before; at least not on the social platform :P I am happy I accomplished!
The video got likes, dislikes, good comments, stunted expressions, weird perceptions and lot more. Some thought of me as an insane creep while others showed interest and encouraged me to be myself. I appreciate both! Its good to know that people care to watch, applaud or criticize. Though I am not answerable to anyone for my actions; my purpose of executing this task was:
a) to readily accept what has been offered (as this was a good cause)
b) to be of some help in the awareness drive
c) to make people happy for atleast 60 seconds; till the video lasted
d) to give tribute to one of my most precious family members who was a victim of ALS and passed away recently.

Unfortunately, there are times in your life when you are misread and misinterpreted. But you are not to be blamed. Its the world who wants to tame you and your actions. I did it because I believed in it. Sadness was when people thought it was not needed or probably was too much to show to the world. I feel pity for people who really can not decide things for themselves. However, Its Life, Its Ok!

I just want to reach out to as many as I can to let them know that sometimes its perfectly fine to be crazy, to show love, to express with careless acts. I can bet on this, if an ALS victim or any underprivileged watches any of these videos he/she is definitely going to have a teary laugh, a protective, mighty feeling and may be his/her few ending moments of joy. I am glad I contributed :)
I'd sincerely tell all to take this up. The feeling is not of accomplishment but is filled with richness of love, purity and sharing. I promise at the end of the day you will hear, breath and feel beautiful :) High 5!

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